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Screen Door Yumminess!

So if you ever, ever get a chance to go to the Screen Door on Burnside I would say go there! Nami and I went with Rosie and Paul and it was good news! I have to admit that my dish was probably the least exciting dish on the table...but still..good stuff. AND, not being a grits kinda guy, i decided to try em and in a word: they tasted real good-like!

Nami got the fried chicken with cat head sized biscuits, Rosie got a smoked cheddar and spinach scramble thingie, and Paul tucked into a plate of fried oysters benedict. I got the cajun scramble which also was pretty good news. We also got the pork apple sausage and a plate of candied bacon with pralines. I mean come ON!

Oh...AND their bloody mary's? Spicey goodness! should go. Heard dinner is equally as yummy...but when you DO go be prepared for a wait. They don't take reservations but when you get inside it is worth the wait! Rose and Paul...thanks for sharing this place with us! You guys are the bees knees!

I give it 12 and a half spoons!

Halloween 2008

Again, Mr. Mosher had a stellar Halloween party this year! Thanks again for having us over! Look forward to continuing this tradition. Oh, and the chicken had a good time too! Brian, you're good news!

Click Here For More Halloween Pix!


Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!

So we went to Vegas for our anniversary! How fucking cool is that? My awesome sister Teresa and her excellent husband Jason joined us. fucking cool is that? What did we do there? Well I am glad you asked. Let's look at a rundown of this most fantastic time there shall we?

Where the heck did you stay?

Well we stayed at the lovely Mirage Hotel. And let me tell you was money.I will say that the rooms last time at the Monte Carlo were not nearly as cute but that the pool here at the Mirage was somewhat lacking. You gotta try to get the best of all worlds.

What the Sam Hill did you guys do out there?

Good question. We were there from Mon-Fri and had a wonderful time. We wandered casinos...we had the traditional Vegas Buffet...we saw some shows..the usual. But it was indeed good news.

Show #1..Penn & Teller

So we went to see magicians Penn and Teller. How groovy is that? They were the bees knees and the show was good news. We had seen them before but still they are coolio. When we got there..there was a jazz duo just playing piano and stand up bass...It wasn't until a couple mins later that we realized that the standup bass guy was Penn! (the tall one). It was kinda groovy. The show was stellar and, then, as is their way..they took pix and signed autographs after the show.

Show #2 Cirque du Soleil's "Ka"

Holy crap was this cool! So Teresa and Jason decided to go see a sexytime Cirque du Soleil show, (mmmhmmm! ask them about it! you'll be glad you did!) and Nami and myself, being the clean cut American kids that we are, decided to see "Ka." It was kind of amazing. It all took place on this big ol' stage that was on hydraulics so that each scene could be drastically different. Imagine just a ginormous flat stage that could go up, down, sideways, etc. Really a basic concept but since it was so huge it really was amazing. And not to take away from the show or the physical theater either. While the stage was cool, everybody brought a pretty fucking amazing energy to the show. We dug it.

Wikipedia stuff about Ka here.

We gambled on the slots....we ate very well...had a ton of fun...AND Teresa and Jason got to meet my good friend Lloyd! It was great to see him and we had tons of fun...

Meegs is Back!


Okay, truth be told she really didn't go anywhere...I just biffed as I have been revamping my site. The previous incarnation had her link drop off my list! I totally goofed and it was wholly unintentional. Jeez louise! You expect me to keep track of all of these things? I mean come on! But then it came to my attention that I had dropped her link to her blog. Nowadays that is becoming the equivalent of where you used to fall on someone's speed dial. ("What do you mean I dropped off your speed dial? What the fuck??)

So anyway Meegs, my apologies. As you can tell I haven't been the best on this bloggy stuff lately anyway. But hope you can see it in your heart to know that a stupid html typo (along with Eric's laziness in fixing the problem) is not a reflection on our age-old relationship. It is more a matter of you have a dopey friend who's track record in blogging and digital correspondence is somewhat lacking.